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To Add a New Student, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to Exam Application>Students

It will navigate you to the other page, titled “Students”. It shows six tabs as follows:-

1. Add New Student- Click here to Add a New Student, Fill the required fields as follow:-

A. User Name- Fill the user name for the student whom you want to add.

B. Email- Fill the email id of the student whom you want to add.

C. First Name- Fill the first name of the student.

D. Last Name- Fill the last name of the student.

E. Password- Fill the desired password.

F. Enrollment Number- Fill the enrollment number of the student.

G. Group- Select the Group name from the existing list of which the student is relevant.

H. Address- Fill the address of the student.

I. Phone- Fill the student's phone number.

J. Alternative Number- Fill the alternative number of the student.

 K. Expiry Days- Fill the expiry days of the relevant student after the set day’s student will not able to access the login.

After Entering the all details Click on “Save” button.

2. Edit- Select the desired Student to edit & Click here to edit existing Student.

It will navigate you to the other page, titled “Edit Students”. Edit details as follow:-

3. Delete- Select desired Student to delete & Click here to delete existing Student.

4. Import/Export Students- Click here to import and export student details, It will navigate you to the other page, titled “Import/Export Students”. It shows three tabs as follows:-

A. Back to Students- Click here to go back on the Students page.

B. Export Students- Click here to download the existing students detail in Excel File Format.

C. Import Students- Click here to add students detail in bulk by following these steps:-

i. Click Here to Download Excel File Format– Click here to download the Excel File Format to fill all the students detail in a Prescribed Format to upload students in bulk.

ii. Select File– Select the downloaded Excel File Format after filling the students detail in that Prescribed Format.

iii. Group– Selected the desired Group from the list in which all the imported students detail will be added.

After filling all the details Click on "Import Students" button.

5. Wallet- Selected the desired Student whom wallet amount you are required to check.

It will navigate you to the other page, titled “Students Wallet”. It shows seven options as follow:-

A. Email- It shows Email id of the Student.

B. Name- It shows name of the Student.

C. Mobile- It shows Mobile Number of the Student.

D. Balance- It shows the current wallet balance of the Student.

E. Amount- Fill the desired amount which you want to add or deduct from the student's wallet.

F. Action- Select the action "ADD" or "DEDUCT" from the existing list.

G. Remark- Fill a remark related to your Action.

After filling all the required details Click on "Update" button and the Student's Wallet amount will be change according to the Action which you had selected earlier.

6. Transaction History- Click on this tab to check the Transaction History of all existing Students Wallet.

It will navigate you to the other page, titled "Transaction History" as below:-

And to go back on the Students page Click on "Back" button.