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To Change/Edit Contents settings, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Login to Admin panel
  • Click on Contents

It will show two items in the drop box:

(1). Pages :- Pages are the description about a particular website.To edit or to add more to the existing, lets follow the steps:

(a) Add New Page :- Click here and a new window will pop up.

  • Link Name :- Links are found in nearly all web pages. Link names allow users to click their way from page to page.
  • Link Order :- Select from the drop down list. It shows the number of orders.
  • Page Type :- It comprises three types of pages: Internal, Page and External.
  • Icon :- Icon serve a very similar function to text in a page.
  • Page Name :- Mention the name of the Page.
  • Page URL :- Page URL will be same as the Page Name.
  • Page Content :-  Description of the page is to be mentioned here.

Once you are done with all the editing, click the Save button.

(b) Edit :- If you find any mistake in the pages added recently and you desire to make some changes, click the Edit button and make the changes in the content and click the Update button to save the changes.

(c) Delete :- Any page that doesn’t seem to be of any use, can be deleted by clicking the Delete button.

(2). Slides :- The slideshow helps to make things understand easily.

For more details follow the given path:

Go to Admin -> Contents -> Slides -> Add New Slide/Edit/Delete

(a) Add New Slide :- Click the Add Slide button and it will navigate you to a new window as shown above.

  • Slide Name :- Name the slide.
  • Ordering :- Enter the order of the slide in which sequence it will be visible on your homepage.
  • Upload Slide :- Click the Choose File button and browse the slide from your system, Open it to upload here.
    Click the Update button to save the settings.

(b) Edit Slides :- Select the slide to be edited. Click on the Edit button and a new window will pop up.

  • Slide Name :- Enter the name of the slide.
  • Ordering :- Order of the slide when the slides play on your homepage.
  • Status :-  Click on Active if to be shown on the homepage, else click on Suspend.

After all the editing is done, click the Update button.

(c) Delete :- Delete the slide by clicking on the Delete button.

There will be a confirmation message on the screen, click the OK button and the slide will be deleted.