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To Add a New Property, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to Properties

It will navigate you to the other page ,titled ‘Properties’. It shows 6 tabs as follows:-

(1). Add New Property :- Click here to Add a New Property , Enter the required fields as follow:-

  • Agency :- Select the name of the agency
  • Title :- Enter the title for your property
  • Type :- Select the type of property (e.g land,plot,commercial.flat...etc)
  • Location :- Select the location of your property
  • Address :- Enter the complete address
  • Latitude :- Enter the latitude or drag the marker to the property
  • Longitude :- Enter the longitude or drag the marker to the property
  • Price :- Enter the price of the property
  • Contract :- Select the type of contract
  • Area :- Enter the area
  • Unit :- Select the unit of area
  • Number of Floors :- Select the no. of floors
  • Number of Bedrooms :- Select the no.of bedrooms 
  • Number of Bathrooms :- Select the no. of bathrooms
  • Add Features :-  Add any new feature if you want
  • Agent's Commission Type :- Select the type of commission for agent whether it's in percentage or value 
  • Agent's Commission :- Enter the amount of agent's commission
  • Allow User Rating :- Click on checkbox to allow
  • Allow User Comment :- Click on checkbox to allow
  • Add Photo :- Upload the photograph of property
  • Add Document :- Upload the documents of property
  • Add Floor Plan :- Upload the floor plan details
  • Embed Video :- Attach the video if any
  • Description :- Enter the Description of property

After Entering all the details Click on ‘Save’ button.

(2) Edit :-  Click here to edit any existing Property details. It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Edit Properties’. Edit details as follow:-

Edit the existing User Details and Click on ‘Update’ button.

(3). Delete :-  Select desired Property to delete & Click here to delete the existing Property.

(4) Search :- Click here to Search a Property , Enter the required fields as follow:-

  • General Search :- Enter the direction,ID or anything else to search
  • Location :- Enter the location
  • Kind of Property :- Select the kind of property from the drop down list
  • Contract :- Select the kind of contract from the drop down list
  • Bedroom :- Select the number of bedrooms
  • Bathroom :- Select the number of bathrooms
  • Area :- Enter the area you are looking for
  • Minimum Price :- Enter the maximum price for the property
  • Maximum Price :- Enter the minimum price for the property
  • Published :-  Select from the drop down list
  • Status :- Select from the Drop down list

You can search a property by entering any of the details above

(5) Featured/Published :- Click 'Yes' or 'No' to make any property Published and visible to everyone.

(6) Action :- Click here to make quick changes in the property details that are visible to everyone.It will give you six option which are as follows :

  • Photos :- Click to add photographs to your property
  • Documents :- Click to add documents
  • Floor Plans :- Click to add floor plans
  • View :- Click to view the property
  • Edit :- Click to edit the property
  • Delete :- Click to delete the property