Thank you for contacting Edu Expression. Our normal working hours are 10:30AM to 6:30PM Monday to Friday (GMT +5:30) .



Follow the steps given below:-

  •        Login to Admin panel
  •         Click on contacts tab

It will navigate you to the page titled ‘Contacts’. It shows the following tabs:-

  1. Add New Contact :-  here you can add new contact details 
  • Agency:- here you can select the agency name from the drop drown menu given to you
  • Category:-  here you can mention the category of the person whose contact details you want to save
  • Name:- mention the name of the person
  • Address:- mention the complete address of the person
  • District:- mention district of the person come from
  • State:- mention the name of the state
  • Pin code:- enter the pin code here
  • Email:- fill the email address
  • Cell phone:- enter the cell phone number if any
  • Phone no:- here you can enter the phone number

   2. Edit:- Any kind of changes in the detail can be done in Edit.

Once done with the editing, click on the Update button.


3.      Delete: Any student and his details can be deleted by selecting the option Delete.

4.     Print :-  you can print all your contact details from here