Thank you for contacting Silver Syclops Inc. Our normal working hours are 10:30AM to 6:30PM Monday to Friday (GMT +5:30) .



Login to member panel ,  will navigate you to the various kinds below mentioned screens:-

  1. Dashboard :- It shows employee personal details , company details , holidays , notice board etc.

     2. My Award :-  It shows employees awards details .

     3. My Leaves :- With this option an employee can view hi/her leave  details as well as can apply for leave , by clicking on 'Apply Leave ' , as shown below:-

By clicking on 'Apply Leave' option , an employee will be redirected to other page named apply leave , as shown below , enter the desired fields :-

Enter the Leave date , Leave type , ie . whether it is sick leave , casual leave etc.and lastly mention the reason for leave.

After entering the above details , click on "Save" button.