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Login to student panel ,  will navigate you to the various kinds below mentioned screens:-

  1. Dashboard :- It shows the students exam statistics and performance details.

   2 . Leader Board :-  Gives a brief description about students percentage and the no. of exams given by them.

 3. My Profile :- It gives you the full profile detail about the student.

4. My Exams :-  It gives detail about the student exams (today's exam , upcoming exam ). 

  5. My Result :-  It gives detail about the marks / percentage scored by the student. Students  can review their performance with more elaboration by clicking on View Details option.

      5. Group Performance :- Student can review a graphical presentation of his /her performance against the group performance of all students.

  6. Payments :- With the payment option students can purchase exams and can pay through Pay pal. Fill the amount and the remark column and click on "Pay from Pay pal".

7. Transaction History :- With the transaction history option students can have a look on their last payments done for the purchase of exam n etc. or if they have received any amount from the administrator in his / her E-wallet.