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To Add a New User, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to Users

It will navigate you to the other page ,titled ‘Users’. It shows four tabs as follows:-

(1). Add New User– Click here to Add a New User, Enter the required fields as follow:-

1) Group :- Select the group from the list which you had added earlier.

2) Username :- Enter the desired username by whom you will login.

3) Password :- Enter the desired password.

4) Name :- Enter the name of the user.

5) Email Id :- Enter the Email ID.

6) Mobile :- Enter the Mobile Number.

After Entering all the details Click on ‘Save’ button.

2. Edit– Click here to edit any existing user. It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Edit Users’. Edit details as follow:-

Edit the existing User Details and Click on ‘Update’ button.

3. Delete– Select desired User to delete & Click here to delete the existing User.

4. Assign Form Rights– Click here when you want to assign permissions to the user or restrictions for using some options. It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Group Users’ , as shown below ;-

Click on Edit & make the in the assigned rights to the users.