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To Add a New Exam, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to Exams

It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Exams’. It shows three tabs as follows:-

(1). Add New Exam– Click here to Add a New Exam, Enter the required fields as follow:-

(i). Exam Name– Enter the name of the exam. This name will appear to the student to attempt Exam. 

(ii). Passing Percentage– Enter the passing percentage of the particular exam. Student with marks below to this will considered to be fail in Exam. 

(iii). Exam Instruction– Write the detailed instructions related to that particular exam. 

(iv). Exam Duration (Min.)– Enter the exam duration in which time exam will be given. (For e.g. 60 minutes if the Exam is of 1 Hour) 

(v). Attempt Count– Enter the attempt count to refer how many times candidate can attempt that particular exam. Use 0 for unlimited attempts. 

(vi). Start Date– Set the start date and time of that particular exam. Use Calendar and Clock by clicking the icon. 

(vii). End Date– Set the end date and time of that particular exam. Use Calendar and Clock by clicking the icon. 

(viii). Declare Result– Select Yes if you want to see result of the candidate else select No.

 (ix). Select Group– Select Group from the existing list, for which that particular exam is related. Student with that selected group will only be able to view and/or attempt the exam. 

(x). Negative Marking– Select Yes if there is any negative marking in that particular exam for any wrong answer else select No . 

(xi) . Result After Finishing– Select Yes to see result after finishing exam else select No.

(xii) . Random Question– Select Yes if  you want to shuffle the questions sequence in that particular exam for each student else select No. 

(xii). Paid Exam– Select Yes if  You want to apply fee, which can be paid via student using payment gateway or E-Wallet System for that particular exam is it chargeable else select No. 

(xiii). Amount -- Enter the amount to be paid for the exam.

 After entering all the details Click on ‘Save’ button.

(2). Edit– Select the desired Exam to edit & Click here to edit existing Exam. It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Edit Exam’. Edit details as follow:-

After editing the exam Click on ‘Update’ button.

(3). Delete– Select the desired Exam to delete & Click here to delete the existing Exam , as shown below:-