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To Edit a Talents , follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to Talent Seeker

It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Talents'. It shows two tabs as follows:-

1) Select any record by clicking on the check box , and then go to 'Edit' , it will navigate you to the new page , titled ' Edit Talents' , as shown below :-

a) Username :- Enter the desired username.

b)Mobile :- Enter the desired mobile number.

c) Address :- Enter the desired address.

d) Country :- Select the country.

e) City :- Enter the city.

f) Height :- Select the height.

g) Weight :- Enter the weight`

h) Biceps :- Enter the biceps.

i) Education :- Select the education.

j) Dates :- Enter the date.

k) Language :- Select the language.

l) Description :- Give a description 

m) Featured :- Select the featured option from the drop down option.

n) Name :- Enter the desired name.

o) Category :- Select the category.

p) Date of Birth :- Enter your date of birth.

q) State :- Select the state.

r) Sex :- Select the sex.

s) Color :- Select the color.

t) Chest :- Enter the chest size.

u) Hair Color :- Enter the hair color.

v) Institute :- Enter the institute.

w) Verified Profile :- select the option from the drop down.

x) Experience :- Enter the years of experience you carry.

y) Work preference :- select the work preference.

z) Status :- Select the status.

Edit the existing Talent Details and Click on ‘Update’ button.

2) Delete– Select desired Talents to delete & Click here to delete the existing entry of the Talents , as shown below :-