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When a student will log into his account, the page on his screen is as follows:

1. Dashboard: The above mentioned image is visible on the Dashboard itself.

2. Buy Packages: Click here to purchase a package of your choice. Next page shown will be like this:

  • Toper: It is the name of the package. When you click here, it will direct you to
  • Add to Cart: Click here to pay for the package, it will take you to the window that popped up.
  • Shopping Cart: The Package you selected is dropped automatically in the Shopping Cart.
  • Proceed to Payment Method: Click here and it will redirect you to the payment procedure.

i. Apply Coupons: Click here to add any coupon you have.

ii. Continue Shopping: Once you added a Package to the cart and you want to purchase some more Packages, then click the Continue Shopping button.

iii. Place Order: If this is all that you would like to purchase then click the Place Order button for the payment procedure. It will take you to the next page as shown:

On the left hand side are shown the details of the student.

There are two payment gateways provided here:

A. PayU Money: Click here if you have account with PayUMoney.

B. PayPal: Else click here to proceed.

Lets assume you selected Paypal, it will redirect you to the next page.

Enter all your details here and click the Pay Now button to make the payment.

3. Leader Board: Here are mentioned the names and ranks of the students who secured highest marks in their exams, as shown below:

4. My Exams: When you click here, it shows the following details:

i. Today’s Exam: Click here and it will provide the details of the exams in pipeline for that day.

ii. Upcoming Exams: This section will provide the details of the exams to be held in the near future.

iii. Expired Exams: It will provide the details of the exams those crossed the expiry date and are not valid to be used.

5. My Results: This will show you the result of all the exams you attempted till date.

i. S.No. : Number of exams attempted till date.

ii. Exam Name: Name of the subjects attempted.

iii. Attempt Date: Details of the exam dates will be mentioned under this section.

iv. Marks Scored/Max Marks: Marks achieved by the student out of the maximum marks.

v. Percentage: The percentage of the student in a particular exam.

vi. Result: Status of the result is mentioned in here whether the student Passed or Failed.

vii. Action: It provides the detailed performance evaluation of the student.

6. Group Performance: It is a comparative study of the performance of students in a graphical presentation.

7. Payment: All the transactions made will be mentioned here, like transaction history.

  • S.No. : The serial number of all the transactions.
  • Transaction ID: Bank Details of all the students are needed for the transaction purpose.
  • Amount: The actual amount of the package is mentioned in this section.
  • Coupon Discount: Add the Coupon details if any.
  • Net Amount: After adding the coupon amount decreases of the package.
  • Date & Time: Exact date and time of the purchase is mentioned here.
  • Payment Mode: The mode of payment used: PayUMoney or PayPal.
  • Remarks: Mention your remarks on the purchase here.
  • Details: Payment details are mentioned here as shown below:
    8. Mailbox: To sent an Email, follow the steps:-

    1. Login to Admin panel
    2. Go to the Mailbox.
    It will take you to the page titled ‘Mailbox’. It shows five tabs as shown below:
    i. Compose: Click on Compose to write an Email, it will take you to the page titled Compose Mail.

a. To: Enter the Email address of the Student to whom you want to send the email. 

b. Subject: Enter the subject related to your mail. 

c. Message: Write your message here. After entering all the details click the ‘Send’ button.

ii. Inbox: This is the default location for all incoming mails you have received. 

iii. Sent Mail: Click on this button to check all the mails that you have sent.

iv. Trash: Click here to check all your temporary and spam mails.                                                            

 v. Delete: Select the mail you want to delete and click on the sign for delete, the mail will be deleted.